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What is an Interlock?

An Ignition Interlock Device (IID), is a mechanism, similar to a breathalyzer, installed in a vehicle to deter drinking and driving. Before the vehicle can be started, the driver must deliver a breath sample into the device, and if the analyzed result is greater than the pre-programmed level, the device prevents the vehicle from being started.
In most restricted driving programs, random retests are also required as the vehicle is being driven. When requested, the driver must deliver breath samples into the device and the device will log the event. If the result exceeds the pre-programmed level, the Ignition Interlock Device will not turn off the engine while the vehicle is in motion. However, it will give a signal to stop.
DUI Devices

Ignition Interlock Laws in California

There are two types of suspensions that can result from a DUI in California:
1. Administrative - from the DMV, immediately at the time of your arrest if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is of .08 or more (0.1% if you are under 21, or if you refuse a chemical test). Your license is confiscated and you are given a temporary 30-day license in order to get your affairs in order before your trial. If your trial is set for more than 30 days after your arrest, do not drive after the 30-day period.
2. From the criminal court. This occurs when you are sentenced by a court after a trial or plea agreement.
If you are convicted of a DUI in a criminal court in Los Angeles, Almeda, Tulare, or Sacramento Counties, an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) will be required on any vehicle you own or operate. In other counties, it may be required depending on the court's discretion. The period of restriction and the period of suspension before you can drive with an interlock vary depending on how many previous DUI convictions you have.
In California, a DUI can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony. Most first, second, and third drunk driving arrests are charged as misdemeanors, which generally carry penalties. You might be charged with a felony DUI if you are involved in an accident, particularly if you kill or injure another person, or if you are arrested for a fourth DUI within 10 years.
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